Project Members

  • Elyasir Julima, Moro Language Consultant
  • Ikhlas Elahmer, Moro Language Consultant

  • Farrell Ackerman (UCSD), Co-Principal Investigator
  • - wh-questions and syntax of object marking
  • Younah Chung (UCSD), graduate student researcher
  • - intonation
  • George Gibbard, Researcher, former grad student
  • - vowel harmony, noun classes, verb morphology, comparative and historical data
  • Andrew Hsiu (UCSD) - undergraduate student researcher
  • - lexicon and comparative and historical data
  • Peter Jenks (UC Berkeley), Researcher, former grad student
  • - tone, verb morphology, structure of noun phrases, copula constructions, control and raising constructions
  • Laura Kertz (Brown University), Researcher, former grad student
  • - comparative constructions, wh-questions, dictionary database
  • John Moore (UCSD), Researcher
  • - syntax of object marking
  • Amanda Richart(UCSD), graduate student researcher
  • -vowel harmony and acoustics of vowels
  • Hannah Rohde (U. of Edinburgh), Researcher, former grad student
  • - noun classes, wh-questions
  • Sharon Rose (UCSD), Co-Principal Investigator
  • - tone, voice dissimilation, intonation, verb morphology, descriptive syntax (verb complements, wh-questions), causatives, ideophones
  • Andrew Strabone (UCLA Law School), former undergrad student researcher
  • - causatives

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